Caleb Kinchlow

Caleb Kinchlow is an Emmy Award-winning Host, Digital Lifestyle Expert, and Multimedia Producer with a focus on technology and youth empowerment. A few of his most notable assignments and awards have included, Technology Blogger for The Huffington Post; two Emmys, one as the Host of an entertainment-education series for NASA (NASA360) and as the Creator/Host for the Digital Download technology show. Caleb also received a Parent’s Choice Education Award as the Host of Colonial Williamsburg’s Emmy Award-winning live call-in program (HERO Live), syndicated on PBS and streaming in over a thousand schools across the country.

He previously served as the Fine Arts Director for Youth Entertainment Studios in Norfolk, Virginia. The (YES) program was designed to use fine arts as a catalyst to teach inner-city students life skills. Caleb also travels across the country motivating students of all ages with his central message, “You Are Born For Greatness.” Caleb’s sessions focus on communicating the importance of understanding one’s purpose and functioning at the level of greatness they were designed for.

Caleb holds an M.A. from Regent University in Digital Media, a B.S. from Southeastern University in Broadcast Television, and a Minor in Film from The Los Angeles Film Studies Center. He and his wife, Amanda, currently have two incredible kids, Jailyn and Demarcus.