Kregg Hood

God’s people are poised to really experience the impact of biblical and Holy Spirit-empowered truth about money. Our world needs God’s wisdom as never before, and as we learn to better model the Lord’s plan, we will be salt and light to millions. God is always on our side and He will always bless us when we trust Him and His promises.
With approximately one million copies of his five books on tithing, stewardship and financial wisdom in print, Dr. Hood is fulfilling his passion for helping people grow in stewardship. These powerful resources have been used by more than 3,500 churches across the country. These churches and their members have benefitted greatly from this teaching.

Kregg has an earned doctorate in instructional communication from Texas Tech University in addition to master’s degrees in missions and preaching. His undergrad majors were Bible, mathematics and biblical languages. Kregg’s vision to help people grow in stewardship has benefitted the body of Christ greatly.

Kregg speaks at churches and conferences across the country and writes for many Christian media outlets, and also teaches graduate level Marketing and Public Relations courses at Evangel University as an adjunct professor.