Lost Summer


“Lost Summer” is a collection of prayers and poignant reflections composed during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that guides readers on an inspirational journey through loss and recovery.

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The Ship

The USS BATAAN (LHD-5) is a multi-purpose amphibious assault ship, named after the Battle of Bataan in the Philippines during World War II. The BATAAN has a flight deck for fixed wing and rotary aircraft, a well deck for launching and recovering amphibious assault craft at sea, and a crew of nearly 3,100 sailors and Marines.


The Mission

PANAMAX is a perennial, multinational military exercise that is conducted for the purpose of defending the Panama Canal. This exercise takes place in the Gulf of Mexico, and it is headed by the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) in coordination with the land, air, and maritime forces of a host of nations from Central and South America.


The Storm

Hurricane Katrina was a Category 5 storm that occurred in August 2005. It caused over 1,800 deaths and over $100 billion dollars in damages in the Gulf Coast of the United States. The storms’ effects were particularly devastating to the cities of New Orleans, Louisiana and Biloxi, Mississippi.


A suggested path for reading is to begin each day with one prayer, the narrative summary that follows, and conclude with answering the reflection questions. The questions are designed to provide you with the opportunity to share your thoughts on how this journey relates to your own life experiences. So, write your story!

We should continue to give thanks for the men and women who selflessly serve to protect and defend our great nation! The devotional prayers and stories shared by former Navy Chaplain David Brown place God and His powerful words within the daily routine of our lives. Readers will be captivated by each story and savor the opportunities for scriptural reflection.

  Kathryn R. Bremner, M. Ed.
Executive Director, Head of School
Grace Christian School
Mechanicsville, VA
“Lost Summer” will inspire you as you learn how a Naval ship during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was used by God to save lives, bring aid, and spiritually impact thousands of people. Chaplain David Brown’s diary of what happened and what God did through many brave souls accomplished will certainly inspire your walk with God.

  Dr. Larry Keefauver
Bestselling Author & International Teacher
David Reid Brown hits the mark with “Lost Summer”! The poignant, Spirit-filled prayers, pondering reflections, and pragmatic essential questions held my attention throughout the whole book and left me wanting to read more. This book is a beautiful portal through which to see loss and recovery from a fresh new perspective. Excellent job, David!

  The Rev. Dr. Calvin H. Sydnor, III
Colonel, U.S. Army Chaplain Corps (Ret.)
20th Editor of The Christian Recorder (Ret.)
Chaplain David Brown’s “Lost Summer” captures the essence of life aboard a United States Navy warship through the longstanding tradition of “Evening Prayer at Sea.” This nightly ritual is the one opportunity that the chaplain has the attention of the entire crew for a brief moment. The prayers lift the spirits of the crew by giving ordinary events deeper meaning and how their work and sacrifice matters in the big picture of life.

  Chaplain Brown allows the reader to empathize with the hardworking Sailors at sea doing their duty while separated from their families and loved ones. The reflection questions at the end of each prayer ask us to probe our own minds and hearts and go to a deeper level. I highly recommend “Lost Summer” for your reading list–it will not disappoint.

  CDR John W Maurice, CHC, USN (Ret.)
President, Mid-Atlantic Christian University
Chaplain David Brown has written a must-read for anyone who stands between prayer and faith while navigating their “ship” through the “storms” of life. “Lost Summer” is a collection of prayers that takes readers on a faith walk through loss and recovery to teach others that faith in God makes the difference. Chaplain Brown does a great job reflecting on the power of prayer, engaging the reader with insightful questions, and ending with a powerful call to action to trust in God.

The Rev. Dr. Ammie L. Davis, Ph.D
President-Dean, Turner Theological Seminary

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