Chip Helm

From a Dental School drop-out to a National Sales Manager of
a multi-billion-dollar medical device company, Chip Helm has
honed his sales skills from the ground up. With anecdotal examples
from his successes, and failures, Chip’s stories will have you laughing
while you learn. Chip knows how to develop and maintain long-term
relationships to help drive sales success. If it is personal branding,
practicing humility, or following-up and following-through, his
practical advice is applicable to anyone at any stage in their career.
His mentoring, and leadership has helped thousands of students, and
colleagues over his last three decades in sales. Chip is a regular guest
lecturer at business schools around Indiana, including Purdue, Ball
State, Butler University, and Indiana University. He is also a certified
coach and college lecturer. His loves are family, work, and his home
in Northern Michigan.

Chip holds a BA in Biology from Indiana University and an MBA
from the University of South Florida. Married for twenty-six years,
Chip met his wife, Cyrilla, at USF while in the MBA program. They
have three adult children all pursuing education and professions in
health and medical disciplines. Chip has worked for Cook Medical
for over thirty-two years.