From the Comfort of My Chair Vol. II


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Following the release of From The Comfort of My Chair, Volume I, it was as though the content of this book immediately began to germinate. The more time I spent in prayer and thoughtful conversations with others, the more the text for this book, The Comfort of My Chair, Volume II came together.

In the unsettling and uncertain world in which we live today, peace can be elusive. If we are not careful, our perspective on things can become skewed and we spend an ever-increasing amount of time focusing more on problems and potential disasters than we are on the One who can keep us safe and secure in the face of anything. God promises that He will give us peace when we keep our minds fixed on Him, and that is what the scriptures and the prayers in this devotional will help you to do.

Let me begin by saying thank you! If you chose to purchase this book, thank you for making that choice. If you received it as a gift, thank you for making the choice to receive it and read it. All throughout the process of writing these devotions and putting this book together, I have prayed over all who would read them. My prayer is that as you read through these devotions, they will touch your heart and help you draw closer to your Heavenly Father. No matter how long we have walked with Him and how far we have come, there is always room to grow in our relationship with Him. I pray you will be as blessed by the prayers in this book as I was when God gave me the words to write them. May God bless you with His presence and His peace.


This book includes eighteen QR codes that will allow you to experience an inside look at the text as explained by the author.

Another devotion book? I’m sure that’s what some may think. This isn’t an ordinary devotional. Pastor Stacey writes from life experience; and she’s had them. I hope that when you read, you can enter into life experience with her, as she encourages you into the Father’s presence. You will also have access to Stacey Cormier’s treasure trove of sound, Biblical teaching. Consider this, as you read, pray, and meditate on each page. –Darius Walden, Pastor Southwest Christian Center, Bakersfield, CA.
During 20 years of ministry together, we have been inspired by Pastor Stacey Cormier. We have shared moments of laughter, joy and peace. We have watched her face her giants and overcome them one by one by God’s grace. Stacey’s determination and dedication to the sharing the Gospel of Christ has impacted the lives of many people. With Biblical wisdom, she has led the example of how to serve God and others. From Stacey we have learned how to face adversity with grace, that God will not fail, and He is always our provision. From the Comfort of My Chair is written with the intent to inspire and encourage. Led by the Holy Spirit and embedded in the word of God, each devotion will draw you closer to Him. Pastor Stacey Cormier’s 20 years of experience in ministering to a diverse group of people lends to the great impact these devotions have on lives. Enjoy the journey and the peace that will come with each devotion in From the Comfort of My Chair! —Pastor Kevin & Karen Banks York Church of God Associate Pastor

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