The Parallel Paradox of Saul and Paul


As mirror images, they were more like a flipped reflection of one another.

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…I wanted to let you know that I have read your entire bible study on Paul and Saul. I think it is tremendous. You have done so much research that is presented in a fashion that will lead your reader to do more study. You did not spoon feed the reader but also did not leave it all up to them to do all the study. You gave the structure and the information so that the hungry could feed from your words but also be led into more study to feed himself.

I loved the way you drew the parallels and the contrasts through so many stages of the two men's lives. I personally saw so much that I have never noticed. Each illustration serves your thought and adds character and excellence to the manuscript.

You pulled so many root words for the names of people, cities, and tribes and gave the definitions that add such depth to the study. Even the way you showed the position of the tribes around the tabernacle and then used that twice. First, you applied it for Saul servant to wolf and then reversed it in Paul from wolf to ox (great). Second, when you used that tribe layout in connection to Balaam's word (great again).

I also liked your personal stories - your dream and your story of you and Karen. This is altogether a great work and one of which you should be very proud. I'd say that underneath that artist is a theologian.

Well done!
— Dr. Patti Amsden

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